What squad could/would you assemble for less than £85 million?

After Real Madrid made an initial offer to Tottenham for Gareth Bale reported to be £85million, all manner of questions have been raised.

Is he really worth more than Cristiano Ronaldo? Is any human befitting of a price tag that eyewatering? And isn’t Spain meant to be skint, anyway?

Nevertheless, I personally believe with that money, Spurs could acquire several top players that would make them a stronger squad overall.

Consequently, that got me thinking about what squad I would assemble with that sizeable figure.

The below is what I’d go for, with a cool £3.48million left over in change. The squad has been populated with European-based players only and the fees that their current clubs paid for them when they joined. Of course, some are academy graduates and didn’t cost a penny, but you could argue that those players are proof that world class talent can be homegrown.

(Source: Wikipedia- transfer fees in Euros have been converted into Sterling)


(click image to enlarge)

Which players would you have in your squad if armed with a cheque book from the Bernabeu?


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